An Easy Way To Make Everyone Rich

If President Obama promised every single person in America ten million dollars, then made good on his promise, would everyone be rich?

Ever wonder how many people would quit their job? Would you?

Hint: don’t.

Again, one of the most important words in the definition of


is “scarce”.

If this happens, or you think it’s going to happen, convert your paper to something that is scarce as quickly as you can. Also, keep in mind that this is actually happening on a much smaller scale. There’s a reason for the skyrocketing of scarce metals.



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2 responses to “An Easy Way To Make Everyone Rich

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going right out and converting my paper money to high moral values right away! (Hard to find anything much scarcer than that.)

  2. Dan

    Yep, no argument here on that.

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