Cause Old Joe Ain’t Never Seen A Wreck Like We Fixin Ta Have

The title comes from an old joke.  A truck driver in a job interview is given a scenario.  “You’re headed down a long grade  and your brakes fail.  At the bottom is a one-lane bridge across a ravine with a bus stalled on it.  Quick, what would you do?”

The driver answers slowly, “Well… what I’d do, is Id wake up old Joe.”

Surprised, the interviewer asks “What!?  Why in the world would you do that?”

“Cause old Joe… he hain’t never seen a wreck like we fixin t’have.”

A friend asked me to explain the so called “fiscal cliff”.  This story works as good as any I suppose.  The American voter just cut the brake lines on runaway spending and OK’ed economy-suffocating tax increases, ostensibly on the rich.  We’ll see yet how that works out for the voter.

Here’s the break down.  January will bring scheduled tax increases.  These increases are coupled with unassociated spending cuts agreed to in the last debt-ceiling show debacle.   The spending cuts are the real cliff according to many because the economy is largely dependent on Government spending.  For others it’s the tax increases that have them worried.  For still others it’s the cuts and taxes both because more people will have less money due to confiscation while less will have jobs due to cut-backs.

My guess is that it will probably get “fixed”.  The fix however will be focused on stopping the spending cuts; and the Republicans can be expected to fold like cheap lawn chairs of course.

Regardless of what happens we can take one thing to the bank.  Whatever is done to avert the “cliff”, the root problem of being fiscally irresponsible will not be “fixed”.  Why not you ask?  America, it seems, just told its government to keep the gravy flowing, responsibility be damned.



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3 responses to “Cause Old Joe Ain’t Never Seen A Wreck Like We Fixin Ta Have

  1. Thanks. And I loved the wording … in a couple of places. Like “The Republicans can be expected to fold like cheap lawn chairs”, as if anything in Washington is cheap. Or the homophone problem of “The American voter just cut the break lines on runaway spending”, where the right word would have been “brake lines”, but the words you used provide a more realistic image of what’s actually going to happen — things are gonna break.

    Oddly enough, the president’s “fix” for those problematic tax increases is to increase taxes. That should solve the problem.

    Is there really any question that sin rots the brain (Rom 1:28)?

    • I wish I could blame that misspelling on cleverness. Now there’s something I can “fix”, so I did. 🙂 I actually caught the misspelling in the first use of “break” all on my own. I was so proud of myself… which should have made me nervous.

  2. Just for clarification: I clicked “like” above, but I really don’t like what is going to happen, just the fact that you explained it so well. 🙂

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