It Really Isn’t All That Complicated

I hold to a philosophy in life that most everything can be reduced to a more simpler form, and hence life, including politics, religion, and yes even economics is ultimately simple to grasp and understand with just a little application.  I could talk about the allocation of resources, demographics, equality and so on, or I could, for example, say something so simple as, “one can’t spend more than one has”.  Now there’s a basic fact so simple a child can understand it.  Resources cannot simply be wished or legislated into existence.  It’s a stubborn thing, reality.

We are supposed to believe, however, that some things are so complicated that their understanding can only reside within the minds of higher thinkers.  We can trust such minds, for example, to understand how it is possible to get something from nothing; for that is exactly what spending more than one has by printing money attempts to do.  It’s like magic.  But the real magic is in how the people are convinced to vote for the theft of their own private property.  The conniver is quicker than the connived.

The fact is that under the guise of complicated, nuanced and difficult-to-understand “economics” liberty, as well as resources, is being stolen.  Wisdom dictates suspicion when a thing is made out to be so complicated that the basics no longer apply.  The elementary student understands that 2+2=4, and no matter how complicated the math in which this equation is applied, it will always be true.  In the same way, no matter how complicated the economics, more can’t be spent than is had.  So when it appears that a government, or a person for that matter, is pulling it off, suspicion is in order; especially if the explanation sounds more like a distraction than an explanation: “Hey look!  That rich guy over there has a lot, and you don’t!”



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4 responses to “It Really Isn’t All That Complicated

  1. Right on. Other TRUTH’s “A penny saved is a penny earned” & “Watch the pennies and the $ will take care of themselves.” Truths that an entire generation were not taught in the “I want”, “I need”, “I deserve”, generation that have to own and obtain everything and “be like the Jones'”. I think my answer hear is going to be a blog post for me :o) Thanks Danny, for getting my juices flowing!!!!

  2. But if you don’t accept what the government tells you, that just proves you are nothing but a right-wing radical! How dare you suggest that we shouldn’t be able to spend non-existent money!!

    • It only stands to reason that a government, if it can create resources from thin air, would be able to create other things also from thin air… such as the definition of evil.

  3. Bingo. You nailed it. “It’s too complicated, you wouldn’t understand.” This very issue of complicated vs. simplistic is addressed in Leonard Peikoff’s 1988 talk Why Should One Act On Principle?, which it so happens I have linked in my latest blog post Careful Reading For Thinkers.

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