Social Justice part 4, Justice Or Corruption?

Justice is justice, right? Well maybe not. The concept of justice must be attached to a universal standard of right and wrong, for something cannot be right for one person and wrong for another. I cannot, for example, be excused from stealing Bob’s apples simply because stealing apples is not wrong… for me.

Of course, we know that stealing is wrong, if for no other reason than we don’t like returning to our car to find a hole where our stereo once was. So rather than violate our own conscience, we legalize the raid of Bob’s orchard by hiring the government to steal Bob’s apple for us under the guise of social justice. But is that really any more just than stealing them ourselves? If it is, then there is no ultimate justice, social or otherwise, and the same majority that can be persuaded to violate Bob can be persuaded to violate you. This is called “corruption”.

As it turns out, you see, Bob is no fool. While he knows that  he can’t fight City Hall, he also knows that a City Hall elected by a corrupt society can be enlisted to fight for him; and all for the low price of just a few apples. So Bob develops a plan of his own:

  1. He claims to be for the social justice of free apples and campaigns for the one who promises to steal his.
  2. Not only does he sell more apples because the people like to buy from Bob because he’s for social justice, he gains favor with the new magistrate too. That favor comes in handy.
  3. With his influence from helping his man get elected, he has his apples exempted from confiscation, and,
  4. he promotes burdensome regulations on his competition’s orchards to make it almost impossible for them to enter the marketplace, which,
  5. allows him to charge more for his apples than he otherwise could’ve.

And he knows that a corrupt society will never discern the corruption behind their “free” apples.


” The two enemies of the people are criminals and Government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second doesn’t become the legalized version of the first”.   Thomas Jefferson

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3 responses to “Social Justice part 4, Justice Or Corruption?

  1. If only people would wake up to this!

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