We are all morons to some extent in given areas; some more than others depending on our unique strengths and weaknesses. It is the mission of this blog to discuss a thing that turns even the “experts” into morons. Just as there are no stupid questions, no one at this blog has all the answers, stupid or otherwise. But when considering matters of economics, perhaps more than with most other subjects, thinking is in order lest we be swept away by the emotions that seem to permeate this science thereby causing us all to BE economic morons, or worse, to suffer under the misguided policies of economic morons.



One response to “Mission

  1. Plato is said to have inscribed over the doorway of his Academy: “Let no man enter here who does not know geometry.” His belief was that a person who cannot handle even the clean-cut abstractions of mathematics will not be able to handle the much more complicated abstractions of law and of politics. In the field of politics it is harder to be a disinterested enquirer. A disinterested man can see the problem because his mind, not his desires and fears, is on the problem, If a person cannot handle abstractions where his fears and desires are unlikely to deflect and contort his thought, how then can he handle political problems and choices? And so it is with economics as well.

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