Yours Truely

First, call me Dan.

Second, I’m a horrible speller. It goes with the whole moron-hood thing. I try not to be. Spell check doesn’t catch everything, especially homophones; and misspelled words are not written in neon for me as they are for some… but I do catch them sometimes much later. Point them out if you wish, or just look past them. The main thing I ask is that they not be a distraction.

And finally a little about my perspective.  The lens through which I see the world is tinted with a Christian, Reformed, conservative, free-market, personal-responsibility, private-property, compassionate, patriotic and freedom loving color. This is not the result of brainwashing–although how would I know if it were–but rather the study of Biblical scripture, society, history and economic thinkers. I am malleable I hope; that is my mind can be changed if I’ve been given sufficient reason to change it beyond mere feelings. I am not rich, nor do I begrudge those who are. I do not believe that rich people are crooks, nor that they owe me or the world a free ride. Nor do I think that poor people are saints. I do not believe that anyone deserves anything from his fellow man except the honor and respect due all men from all men as they make their way in this world.

I see this world as a harsh place because… well it is. It is an unfair–at least by man’s standards–and unforgiving place to exist. This means, among other things, that there is always going to be disparities in wealth despite who you vote for, what part of the planet you live on, or what regime governs your affairs. I don’t believe that anyone outside of your own sphere of friends and family gives a rip about you and your economic well being; and this especially goes for ALL politicians, especially those who are good, trustworthy and excellent.


2 responses to “Yours Truely

  1. I think that there are politicians of both left, right and centre who genuinely go into politics to help their fellow man. However on reaching the top of the greasy pole they realise that governing is more complicated than they thought and that many of the things which they promised either can not be delivered or can only be partially delivered. Of course there are also self serving politicians as there are in every profession but that does not mean that all politicians are lacking in principle or compassion.

    • It is my firmly held belief that man lusts after power. History substantiates that belief. Murderous tyrants don’t rise to power by being murderous tyrants, they do it under the guise of helping their fellow man. I would prefer that, as much as it is possible, for government to simply govern fairly rather than help me out. I have borne the brunt of government “help”, and even though I haven’t long enough to live to recover from their “help”, I pray that they stop helping me soon.

      I put the C. S. Lewis quote on the side bar for good reason.

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