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The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Liberty Itself

How can it be that conservatives are so preoccupied with restraints on sexual freedoms while simultaneously claiming to be for smaller government?  Conversely, those who favor every kind of liberty when it comes to sex find themselves very much at home with big government and its liberty stealing control in our everyday lives.  Why is this?

For one, “Sexual liberty” is a narrow view of liberty.  True liberty encompasses much more than merely the freedom to follow natural proclivities to procreate with no more concern for the offspring than dogs.  On the other hand, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit wishing to start a business of his own will learn very quickly that liberty outside of free-for-all sex is an illusion.  He will encounter an army of bureaucrats armed to the teeth with volumes upon volumes of regulations that they intend to enforce, and who couldn’t care less about your success with your hard-earned investments.

But we as a people have grown used to a government that has taken on the persona of Mother.  “Don’t do that little Johnny, you might fall!”  “Make sure you eat your organic vegetables little Susie… so you can be a healthy girl”.  “Make sure you wash your hands… Hold onto that handrail…  Put your seatbelt on… don’t make the planet overheat” and on and on.

We all must admit that the thoughts of an over-protective Mama-government not halting traffic for us and holding our hands as we cross the street evokes, at least a little, insecurity.  There’s a certain level of comfort in Mother-nanny-state’s mandates that we stay on her side of the street where she can keep an eye on us, and keep us out of trouble; all the while consoling us that we can self-gratify sexually all we wish, under the protection of her skirt.

But true liberty calls from the wild.  She beckons the young man to come to the neighborhood of uncertainty where she resides, wherein he might discover his destiny, reach his true potential, and outside of which he will never be anything but Mama’s little government boy.



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Those Evil And Greedy Hotel Owners

My family and I recently traveled cross country and I looked for inexpensive hotels for our overnights. I discovered that the average price for a decent hotel was about $70.00 a night. So let me see. $70.00 a night equates to about $2100.00 a month for rent. Wow, what a rip off for a one-room kitchenless, unit in a so-so neighborhood next to a freeway.

So there I was, getting sleepy, in dire need of a place to lay my head, and waiting for me were these greedy hotels wanting to gouge me just because they could. Man! Greed is so ugly.

So, what I propose is a law that makes it illegal for these shady types to charge so much to people who have no other place to stay. Let’s see, the going rent payment for a family of 4 is, say, $1000.00 a month. This equates to about $32.00 a night. But since hotels only give you one room, then it ought to be at least half that. So the proper rate should be about $15.00 a night. That would be fair.

“But wait”, you say, “hotels are different than houses. What you’re saying is completely absurd.”  To this I respond, “Yes it is, very.”

But what if I were to change the discussion to loans? Suppose I said that all loans ought to look like a home mortgage. Suppose I looked at the payday-loan business down the street and started a crusade to force them to lend their money for a more “fair” rate?

In the same way that finding a place to sleep would become virtually impossible if rates were forced to be less than $15 a night, then so would getting that much needed loan to keep my lights on, or being evicted; both of which are much more expensive to remedy than the interest rate for high risk loans.

But hey, at least my do-gooderness would get a boost from “helping” the poor, even if I actually did more to hurt them, and that’s what it’s all about… isn’t it?


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